OnPrem is Now Qvest!

OnPrem Master Class Introduction

Welcome to the OnPrem Master Class Series: Digital Media Supply Chain for Marketing Assets. This series contains nine chapters and as each chapter is complete, it will be added to this site. You will be notified as new chapters become available.

DAM is done.

Why? Because asset management is evolving into so much more: a full Digital Media Supply Chain (DMSC).  This supply chain includes tools and systems that fully command the journey of content from production to end-user consumption. The result? Delivery of the right content, to the right person at the right time – every time.

This new OnPrem Master Class series will give you insights into what a modern DMSC should look like and how you can build a case for it. Soon, you’ll say goodbye to your outdated DAM and hello to a complete asset management supply chain. Nine chapters of valuable information include:

  • Building a business case
  • Identifying and capturing your needs
  • Designing your solution for today, ready to scale tomorrow
  • Selecting the right solution
  • Implementing the minimum viable product
  • Data migration
    Onboarding and change management
  • Scaling out the solution across the entire organization
  • Continuous improvement and optimization

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