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Teddy Atkins

Project Manager
Los Angeles, CA

What do you enjoy most about working at OnPrem?

The OnPrem Culture. OnPrem offers a professional space where I feel genuinely respected and appreciated as a professional and an individual, which affords me the ability to perform at optimal capacity as a professional and team member.

Describe what you do at OnPrem.

I support studio executives’ stand-up security programs and implement B2B security workflows and guidelines to ensure safe handling of confidential,high-value media assets worldwide before public release.

Describe an internal initiative you’ve worked on & why it was meaningful to you.

I had the opportunity to lead the development of an OnPrem White Paper on recent technology developments in the Music industry. The Music Industry is a lifelong passion of mine, so this was a meaningful project. I enjoyed collaborating with fellow colleagues with both consulting and music experience to produce a White Paper which helped brand ourselves as Music Industry practitioners, and promote OnPrem’s extensive domain knowledge and expertise in Media & Entertainment.

Describe what a typical day looks like for you.

Each day’s agenda differs greatly depending on the priorities identified by our clients, but my daily responsibilities typically revolve around engaging business partners to understand needs for confidential studio content and media assets to complete various high value projects and determining the best course of action for stakeholders to access content safely without exposing details or content before its intended release date.

What is your advice for experienced consultants starting their career with OnPrem?

Prioritize networking with your colleagues. In my opinion, OnPrem’s greatest value is in its people and their wide breadth and depth of knowledge and project experience. Tapping into this specialized pool of knowledge offers real time learnings that no academic institution can offer, and will be instrumental on client projects and critical for professional growth.


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