OnPrem is Now Qvest!

Douglas DeLong

Why did you join OnPrem?

After graduating from college, I was looking for three things from an employer: 1)I wanted to do work in the Media & Entertainment Industry – check. 2) I wanted a job where my professional development wouldn’t be limited to arbitrary roles, where I could take on more responsibility at my own pace – check. And finally – and I knew this would be my toughest demand – I wanted to be immersed in a work culture that felt like family. I wanted my coworkers to challenge me and to support me, to inspire me to be better each and every day. Without a doubt, OnPrem delivered. From my first interactions with the company, I could see that people were passionate about working here and about the people they worked with, and I feel the same way today.

Describe what you do at OnPrem

As an Analyst, I can provide support on a variety of projects across industries. In my first year, I worked on a DAM implementation for a large media company, a long range technology plan for a large media company, a licensing current state assessment + future state roadmap for a consumer products company, and an internal initiative to improve professional development at OnPrem.  

What is your advice to recent or upcoming graduates starting their career at OnPrem?

Some of the best advice I received when starting out at OnPrem came from Tim Day, our Principal in the New York office. He told me that at the end of the day, your professional development needs to come from you. OnPrem is here to support you and push you to be better, but the motivation, the drive, needs to come from you. At OnPrem you are going to have ample opportunity to challenge yourself on projects, and take on more responsibility, but you need to advocate for yourself if you really want to go above and beyond. Nowadays, I ask myself the same question before bed, “what have I done today to further my professional development, to bring myself one step closer to my wildest professional dreams?” It’s important to keep your goals in mind, every step of the way, to motivate you to be the best you can be.

Describe an internal initiative you’ve worked on & why it was meaningful to you

Recently, I’ve had the chance to really focus on learning and development at OnPrem. I am building out a comprehensive list of skills that we expect employees to develop and hone over the course of their careers with us. In addition, I’ve had the chance to explore various options to teach, train, and measure those skills, using principles from my Organizational Psychology class as a guide. I really love the work OnPremmers do to support each other in their personal and professional development, and it has been exciting to design a more formal structure to guide us as our company grows.

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