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IP & Rights Management

Protect IP and build a robust rights management protocol across your global ecosystem of channels and platforms with the US’s largest rights management practice. 

IP & Rights Management

Manage the IP rights you acquire and develop. Maximize the value of that IP through a comprehensive rights management ecosystem.

We are a leader in IP and rights optimization because we follow an open book practice that focuses on partnership and deep collaboration on every project. That means when we lead your rights management implementation and tool customization, you’ll have clear insight into the benefits of that work and how it will ensure success for your business now and in the future.

We can help you build a mature rights management ecosystem that offers immediate results, including Automated Workflows, Consistent Title Registry, Management of Digital Channels, Rights Contracts, and Rights Management Solutions.

IP & Rights Management Services

Title & Metadata Management
Title management and rights contract statuses eliminate multiple internal IDS to reduce gaps in asset use and security.
Deal Negotiation Tracking & Automated Approvals
Contract Lifecycle Management
Rights Management & Consumable Avails
Complete Transaction Accounting
Artist & Royalty Payments
Data Analytics

IP & Rights Management Insights

Kavita Anand In Conversation with IABM

In her interview with IABM TV, IP & Rights practice lead Kavita Anand shares her perspective on the...
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Our Tech Partners

Meet our Experts in IP & Rights Management

Frank Leal
Founding Partner of Qvest.US and our IP and rights management practice, Frank Frank has over 25 years experience consulting within the Media and Entertainment industry.
Kavita Anand
SVP, Practice Lead IP Rights Management. Kavita has over 20 years’ experience translating complex and divergent enterprise needs and available technology resources into high-impact business solutions.

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