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Digital Media Supply Chain

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Digital Media Supply Chain

Your digital platforms and media-centric processes are as unique to your business as the content and assets you produce. Our team has the experience needed to assess, evaluate, design and implement right-fit digital digital media ecosystems that manage content from initial creation to consumption.

There are so many systems and solutions designed to help you manage, transform, and distribute digital assets and a wide variety of firms that implement them.

So Much More Than Digital Asset Management

A mature Digital Media Supply Chain not only features a robust DAM, but additional components to streamline and automate content delivery. These include areas such as global Content Management Systems (CMS), workflow and automated content processing, and Master Data Management (MDM). It also includes integration with downstream and upstream systems from Product Information Management (PIM) and rights management systems, to streaming services.

It is then coupled with robust data and analytics solutions to help you build comprehensive executive dashboards in order to make informed business decisions.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience in the Media and Entertainment industry, dealing with the most complex use cases, has given us unmatched insights about how to build not just a Digital Asset Management system, but a full Digital Media Supply Chain (DMSC) that gives you total control of your digital assets. We apply that knowledge to any industry and business model to help you maximize the value of your assets.

Digital Asset Management Services

Assessment & Roadmapping
Solution Evaluation
Solution Architecture & Implentation

Digital Media Supply Chain Insights

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Technology Partners

Meet our Experts in Digital Media Supply Chain

Jon Christian
Jon has over 20 years of consulting experience and leads Qvest’s Digital Supply Chain Practice. Jon has deep experience with strategy, assessment, evaluation and implementation projects across many industries with a focus on Media & Entertainment and Consumer Products. Jon joined the OnPrem partnership with the intent of providing the highest degree of talent, quality, and service for the most innovating challenges and opportunities.
Michael Whang
Michael is a Digital Media Supply Chain SME with over 20 years of experience delivering technology strategy and solutions in the Media & Entertainment and Consumer Products sectors. He has led some of Qvest’s largest and most complex DMSC projects in the USA and provides deep industry knowledge and expertise in the application of technology to solve business problems.
Tim Day
Tim has spent most of his career focusing on the evolution of digital media and has advised fortune 500 clients on how to automate and optimize their digital media workflows from content creation all the way to consumption. As a Senior VP for Qvest.us, Tim is helping his clients innovate in the direct-to-consumer space by unlocking the power of their content investments to drive innovative customer experiences.
Paul Stahly
Paul has spent 13 years in Media and Entertainment consulting and 9 years working for two major US studios. He has over 12 years of DMSC experience, including content distribution to numerous OTT providers, content acquisition, metadata definition, archive, and file processing/workflow optimization.

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