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Transform expectation with bespoke customer experiences – delivered at scale.

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Orient your business around tailored customer interactions that drive business insights, customer advocacy, and growth. Our experts apply leading techniques in CX and CRM using decades of industry leading experience.

In today’s world of personalized, real time and fluid data, Marketing teams need to be able to understand, dissect and execute meaningful reporting. Armed with that information, they can efficiently target segmented customers based on behaviors and campaign trends for a better, personalized brand experience.

We work to truly understand how you need to transform your business for success. Then we use our domain expertise, methodology excellence and deep Salesforce knowledge to deliver extraordinary results.

With our understanding of CRM and Marketing Technology systems, we produce superior customer experiences. This is combined with our passion and commitment for delivering quality on technology platforms that we believe in.

CX, CRM, and Salesforce Services

Program & Project Management
Experience industry leading guidance and leadership on agile-based development, delivery, and integrated change management.
Solution Architecture
Receive industry leading guidance and ideation on solution and enterprise architecture to meet all business needs.
Process Transformation + Data Architecture
Drive business forward with evaluation, assessment, and profiling of current state processes, data, data optimization, standardization, data governance, architecture, and solutions.
Solution Design (UI / UX)
Receive industry leading guidance on the latest and greatest UI / UX experience for Salesforce and beyond. Define an optimized user experience with creation of custom designs, dashboards, and interactive data visualizations.
Package Solution Agile Delivery
Enabling rapid and iterative delivery to unlock and deliver business benefits.
Declarative Configuration
We leverage native Salesforce features and concepts to help us deliver your requirements using declarative customization ensuring support for future release and easy maintenance. Clicks over code!
Media Cloud Delivery
Our in-depth understanding of Salesforce Media Cloud and concepts help us deliver your requirements using declarative and custom development to solve for everything from rights management to asset management. As early adopters of Salesforce Media Cloud and concepts, we built a deal management system for the M&E and CPG industries us.
Marketing Cloud Delivery
We are skilled at bringing you closer to your consumers leveraging the power of Marketing Cloud.
Our certified Administrators can manage all aspects of Salesforce support, ranging from environment management, security management, release management, workflows and license management.
We offer programmatic customization using Apex, Lightning, VisualForce Pages and Omnistudio which allows us to implement functionality that cannot be achieved using declarative customization.
Tableau CRM
Our in-depth understanding of Salesforce Media Cloud and concepts help us deliver your requirements using declarative and custom development to solve for all data needs. Empower your data story with creation of dashboards, metrics, interactive visualizations, and predictive analytics based on loaded, transformed, and cleansed data.

CX & CRM, Salesforce Insights

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Technology Partners

Meet our Experts in CX & CRM, Salesforce

Vanessa Fiola
Qvest.US partner and leader of the Salesforce program, Vanessa has over 13 years experience in consulting within the Media and Entertainment industry leading engagements on business process and system transformation, digital strategy, licensing models analysis, implementing Agile and solutions.
Bartholomew Shuler
Quest.US Senior VP, Bart has spent over 14 years in the M&E industry leading program management and product design for DTC streaming products and marketing technology initiatives. He has spent over a decade leading process transformation and solution implementations at Fortune 500 companies.

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