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Qvest Specializations

Our business and technology consulting services bring insight, structure, process and a data-informed approach to customer-driven decisions and technology.

Transforming Business as Usual

Our Practices

Digital Media Supply Chain

Your digital platforms and media-centric processes are as unique to your business as the content and assets you produce.

Data & Analytics

Grow your business with the intelligence offered by in-depth visualization tools, and the infrastructure needed to link critical data to a single source of truth.

CX & CRM, Salesforce

We built our practice to deliver differentiated customer experiences leveraging our deep M&E knowledge on a platform that we believe in.

Broadcast Transformation

Reach your audience anywhere with broadcast solutions including Network Operations, Program Assessment, and IP-Based Transformation.

Content & Cyber Security

Ensure your organization reaches its full potential while navigating the cyber security landscape. Avoid risks of data loss and secure against breaches.

IP & Rights Management

Protect IP and maximize the value of that IP through a comprehensive rights management ecosystem.

Technology Partners

Our Industries

Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment companies face a vast landscape of shifting market forces. Technology, data, content, IP rights, security, customer experience and privacy each represent unique challenges to sustained growth. Qvest is the world’s largest media and entertainment focussed consulting firm. With roots in southern California, Qvest in the United States has grown alongside Media & Entertainment leaders. The mainstream adoption of streaming in 2020, was the latest shift in a series of industry advances. Experts at Qvest have decades of experience navigating these same challenges. Establish your foothold in advancing markets and apply the tools and processes needed to guide your company.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods companies continue to weather rapidly shifting market trends and consumer behavior. Meanwhile advancing technology and digital-first market-entrants have increased demands for customer experience and the competition for share-of-wallet. Strengthening business and technology solutions to manage content production and delivery, IP rights, customer data, privacy, and customer experience offers new opportunities to capture sustained growth. The Consumer Packaged Goods teams at Qvest are experts in turning technological obstacles into business opportunities. We work with you to increase technological resilience and apply stabilizing processes. Establish confidence while navigating a rapidly evolving industry.

Qvest in the NEWS

Disney [has] streaming, theatrical, theme parks, consumer products, they have ways to diversify, which gives them flexibility.
Jon Christian
Founding Partner
In order for us to continue to break glass ceilings, we must overcome our own internal hurdles to understand that we belong and that we have every right to be here.
Candice Lu
Founding Partner
Data is king, [understanding] the data around users which helps and informs what content [is] produced.
John Christian
Founding Partner

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